Why solar as your alternative green energy?

save the earth

Floods, typhoons, droughts. These are only a few examples of the climate change, which is caused by the excessive burning of fossil fuels to meet our ever-increasing energy needs. We can each do our part to save the earth significantly by switching to sun energy. We are stewards of this planet and it is our responsibility to take care of it, not just for ourselves, but for our future generations.

save time

For electrical installations at new developments, electrical cabling and electricity supply applications with TNB are costly and time-consuming. Solar-powered lighting is self-sustaining and can also be energised immediately following installation as long as the sun is shining, which is often the case in Malaysia!

save money

  1. Electricity Bills – By relying on sun energy, you can save up to 100% of your electricity bill depending on your monthly consumption. For any excess electricity generated (e.g. on non-business days), you will be able to sell them back to TNB under Malaysia’s Net Energy Metering (N.E.M) Scheme. Presently on average the return on investment (ROI) for industrial / commercial solar systems is 3 years or less.
  2. Tax Incentives – In order to encourage more companies in Malaysia to switch to solar, the government has introduced a DOUBLE tax exemption for companies going solar, which provides relief up to 48% of the solar project cost – 24% under Capital Allowance (CA) and 24% under the Green Incentive Tax Allowance (GITA).

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encourage, educate and energize

Solar Systems

We provide turnkey solutions covering the design, supply and installation of solar systems for Commercial and Industrial properties.

Our services include handling all net-metering (NEM) and green tax incentive (GITA) applications for our clients. We have partnered with Suncatcher Sdn Bhd, who are a recognised SEDA registered company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Linkbuild Sdn Bhd Electrical Contractors Johor Bahru
Linkbuild Sdn Bhd Electrical Contractors Johor Bahru

Solar-Powered Lighting

As Malaysia awakens to the need for sustainable energy, authorities across Malaysia are requiring developers to incorporate these sustainable green energy into their development plans. As electrical infrastructure and street lighting experts, we have developed expertise in the supply and installation of solar-powered street lighting, likewise being trusted by some of the largest developers to execute their projects with care, speed, and quality.

highlighted projects

Tanjung Puteri Industrial Park

Client: Keck Seng Berhad

Brand: NexusLED

52 nos of solar street lighting

Linear Park @ Gerbang Nusajaya

Client: UEM Sunrise

Brand: G&C Sunrise

26 nos of solar street lighting

Specially customised off-grid solar-powered power source for LED signage

MM Supreme Industrial Factory

Client: MM Supreme

Brand: JA Solar (Panels); Huawei (Inverter)

Installation of 50kwp GCPV solar system on 45m x 20m roof surface

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